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A few years ago, I stepped away from a job I had loathed. It had only been a short stint, but the relief of handing in my resignation was huge. It had been a nerve-racking few months in an office where people were so afraid of being replaced, that they fought endlessly to bring each other down.

I was leaving the battlefield to go back to school and pursue my passion for filmmaking. Saying my last goodbyes, I felt like I was shedding an armour I’d been hiding behind.

Charlotte was back; I felt like I was falling in love with life all over again.

Over the years, I worked in the corporate world again, while I continued to pursue my passion on the side. It was a great opportunity to learn and meet new people. However, it came with serious challenges – the feeling that I had to perform at my peak all the time and that I was losing my sense of self. I had to be a perfect colleague, a good employee and fit in. I would feel like I had to be a different person. I’d be drained at night and sense that my work persona was taking over.


The corporate world can be very intense.
You’re made to sit with the same group of people whom you haven’t chosen to be with, in a closed space for hours on end. It can be thrilling, but it’s often very difficult to remain authentic. Over time, you can forget how much pressure that generates in your life, and how much more there is to you than your corporate persona.

Of course, this feeling isn’t exclusive to people working in the corporate world. Modern society provides us with little space to breathe and remember who we are. Instead, we’re continuously being told how we should look and who we should be. There’s little time to recover and just be ourselves. Mothers, leaders, students, freelancers, etc. – we should all be solvent, successful, healthy, peaceful, happy and eternally young.

These expectations suffocate our potential to live exciting, meaningful and fulfilled lives. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way. Not if we jump into the driver’s seat and set our own rules. But first, we need to know what a fulfilling life means to us and how to work our way there.

“At the centre of yourself, you have the answer” –Lao Tsu Click To Tweet
I went in search for answers. I read lots of books and tested plenty of self-development programmes, but I often felt I’d failed when I didn’t manage to implement the ideas I’d read about. At times, I even felt slightly patronized and isolated.

I had to find a way to apply all the great ideas I’d read about and create a framework to support me daily in becoming more at home with myself – learning to know myself, engaging in a journey of growth and designing life on my own terms.

And so Curativity was born. I created it as a uniquely practical methodology by which to live one’s life. It’s unlike any other self-help programme or lifestyle coaching because it’s neither of the two! Curativity is about developing a way of thinking that enables each one of us to maximise their potential for true fulfilment and authentic happiness. It provides personal support and tools that help you see the bigger picture; to feel valued and empowered throughout each day and to have a space in which you can explore thoughts and solve issues, as well as rest and dream in.

Wherever you’re starting and whatever your experience, it takes real courage and perseverance to find your own meaning to life. But “at the centre of yourself, you have the answer” (Lao Tsu).  Curativity is designed to be your guide on the journey.
Are you looking for more meaning in your life?

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