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– A one-on-one programme for people ready to make a beeline for success. –


Something needs to be done about people’s dreams and ideas: so much human potential gets lost in the ether; there is so much unspoken frustration from trying to ignore that little voice that’s whispering to you “Why don’t you try this? You really want to give it a go.”


Not every childhood dream or whacky idea is meant to be realised. But none deserves the treatment is usually gets: straight into the bin labelled “unrealistic / shamefully over-ambitious”. A dream that’s just not meant to be still needs exploring and tossing around so that you can extract its positive energy and learn from it.


I want to help you understand what really drives you, what’s behind those ideas, and how you can channel their extraordinary power – to live your own Life Less Ordinary. We’re not all designed to become an Elon Musk but my objective is to help make your everyday life a lot more vibrant and more aligned with what makes you feel truly, deeply fulfilled.


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